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Mohamed Alaama, R&D manager of Biopep Malaysia Inc.


Biopep Malaysia Inc. is a privately owned, development-stage biotechnology company that discovers and develops innovative therapeutic products for the treatment of cancers and other diseases. The Company’s lead product is a heterogeneous biologic extract containing a known composition of multiple peptide and protein components. It is produced using patented extraction processes and proprietary technology. The objective of the Company is to develop the product over the next three years to treat several forms of cancers.

By several round test for Accumedi's TAL product, they decided to choose our THG10-250, Endotoxin Assay Kits(Gel clot), this product is a gel clot method TAL, 0.25EU/ml. And our technical staff and marketing staff went to Biopep for onsite training and communication. 

微信图片_20190508094552.pngAfter several monthes usage, their R&D manager, Mohamed Alaama, is very satisfied with our products, and said they would like to cooperate with Accumedi in long term, not only for the good product quality but also for the excellent service.