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Katarina Turkalj from NewmanBiotech



Newman Biotech – the leading producer of Australian bovine-derived serum products. 100% Australian, isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by ocean borders and low levels of pollution, we’re blessed to operate in one of the most disease and impurity free environments on the planet. These factors coupled with strong biosecurity practices in Australia’s agricultural industry, enables Newman Biotech to produce foetal bovine serum of Australian origin that’s second to none.

Mr. Katarina Turkalj, Quality Supervisor, she ordered 0.5EU/ml TAL Assay kit(gel-clot) from Accumedi, and start to use it for quality control in foetal bovine serum produciton process.  In the begining usage of our TAL, we provide technical training video and remote support, that helped them be familiar with the endotoxin detection test in a short time. Mr. Katarina said, "The gel formed firmly and the online technical support is very useful, helping us setting up the validation procedures quickly."

We are very pleased can help esdeemed company such like Newman Biotech, hope our product can support more and more companies.