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Feedback from Kalbe Farma


Kalbe Farma is the largest healthcare provider in Indonesia, whose mission is to improve health for a better life! Now is using Acumedi's TAL and for 2years. They said that the quality of our TAL is very stable. Over the two years' cooperation, there is no any problems in any aspects. 

"The services are also very good,  feedback on no time, seems they work 24hours a day, 7 days a week, amazing!"

"We also visited the factory twice, they have free training and seminars regularly!"

"We went to the horseshoe crabs’ farm last year, and it’s first time to see how they take blood from the horseshoe crabs, and how they send them back alive! The horseshoe crabs will stay in the farm for a year, during this time, there will be 2 times blood collection, and then the horseshoe crabs will be returned to the ocean."

"They are reliable partners and we are happy to change to them!"