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Essential materials for BET(Gel Clot method)


Reagents and instruments

1. TAL(Tachypleus amebocyte lysate);

2. Bacterial endotoxin test water: Require its pH value should be between 5.0 and 7.0, endotoxin content is less than 0.003EU/ml;

3. Bacterial endotoxin products: active units: 50-200 EU/branch for sensitivity calibration; active units: 2-20 EU/branch for positive control;

4. Non-pyrogen suction (250 ml/branch, 1000 ml/branch) and non-pyrogen glass tube (2 ml, 5 ml);

5. TAL test tube stand for diluting endotoxin and placing TAL reagent can be used for constant temperature in water bath.

6. Vortex oscillator;

7. Thermostat or water bath;

8. Medical adhesive tape, sealing film, precision adjustable pipette and other details can be found in the product instructions.

9. Others, such as grinding wheels, scissors, alcohol cotton balls, etc.